ROLT's Eve
37. Favorite swear word?


(( I ran out of room. She apparently went on until hoarse, then resorted to obscene gestures with her hands until Found bopped her one))


Burning-Tree Emissary by IzzyMedrano

NecroMage by ArtofTy

Dungeon. by Manzanedo


*stoner laughs at the eye being tossed at Eve, she stops and cocks her head as Dasvan runs off*

"Oh wait. Fuck. Maybe it was bad to bring that guy."

*looks to Eve quizzically*

"You know that guy is pretty much crazier than cat-shit. You are aware of this right? So in light of this, I’m sticking with you as to not be implicated."

Eve laughs and shrugs.

"I did know that. I should’ve expected he’d do something crazy."

She laughs a little harder as Temper elects to remain with her so as not to be wrongfully blamed for Dasvan’s machinations. Glad for the company, Eve’s smile rebounds.

"Alright then. Let’s be on our way."

The patches of dappled sunlight playing along the path diminish steadily as the canopy thickens overhead. The sound of forest creatures’ chittering and chirping makes their way to her ears and causes her head to throb dully with their strange familiarity. When the trees’ trunks become nearly as thick and tall as a castle’s tower, a fork in the road appears. The dissection is unmarked, yet  the assorted flora springs up more lively on one of the paths revealing the direction in which the elves reside.

"This way." Eve points with more excited certainty and turns down the path to the left.

Eventually, Eve spots dim light through the trunks and hears the distant sounds of civilization further along the path, but not before a surprised and airy voice, certainly not belonging to Temper, makes her freeze on the spot.

Thalia! Manke nae lle?

She turns slowly only to find herself suddenly in the arms of a complete stranger. A tall and slender elf embraces her tightly, her head sinking into his chest due to the height difference.

Mani naa lle umien?

His head of golden blonde hair turns to Temper.

Ya naa tanya?

It’s at this point that Eve forcibly removes herself from this stranger’s grasp. Her brow furrows and confusion overtakes her expression. The stranger’s expression reciprocates with a confusion stained by a sudden sorrow.

Thalia… Lle rangwa amin?

Eve takes a few steps backwards as the elvish man’s vividly blue eyes search hers for recognition. Her brow knits deeper as she tries to recall his face but cannot.

Amin… sinta lle?” she asks uncertainly.

The watery onset of tears begins to accumulate in the man’s eyes as he looks about ready to collapse in his fine attire.

"Thalia… How can you not know me? It’s me, Calaer! Your brother!"

In his eyes, she suddenly finds answers.
Gaps in her memory fill in, memories returning to her in a jumbled deluge. Fragmented recollections of sunlight, laughter, his voice, his eyes, miniature hands grasping the others’ as they ran through the forest and leaped from tree to towering tree.

The rest is too indistinct to make sense of, it’s a sensory overload which forces her to her knees, hands clasping around her head. She cries out as her mind feels like it is about to split in two.

* you awaken to a loud blanket as you come to you see dasvan running away with you blanket * " got evil to thanks for letting me stay for a nap , I'll give the blanket back when I remember " * he jumps down and flees *

Eve awakes with a start, holding arms up defensively out of subconscious muscle memory. Her brain is a little slower on the up-take.

"Huh, wha—?"

She watches groggily as Dasvan absconds with her only blanket and groans.

"Yeah… no problem."

She yawns and then shivers.

"Sure… when he remembers… which could be after I’m six feet under apparently…"

Attempts to lay back down and sleep without a blanket are futile. Eventually she trudges back downstairs and rummages through the Tankard’s linen closet and removes a thin spare sheet.

Better than nothing… Hope no one else will need it for a little while…

She peels off some of the layers of clothing she’d worn earlier while still in Dasvan’s company and collapses onto the straw mattress. She relishes the space but resents only having a thin sheet to shield herself from the cool air of the attic.

She drifts off into a restless sleep, troubled by the thoughts of what she might have to trade in reparation for a new thicker blanket  to make up for one that hadn’t belonged to her in the first place.





still dizzy from his trip he yells ” dem dark elves could restore da life force “

* he wobbles up and pokes us in the nose *
" find dem , then I can resurrect them "
He begins to limp off in a random direction until he…

" fair bit of warning my presence may anger some beings , so it may be wise for me to stay away from others for twenty four hours "
* he tosses her an eyeball *
" I can track you if you have that so see ya in a day or two, I’m going hunting "
He proceeds to unsheathe a strange dagger as he runs off into the brush

Eve does a sharp one-eighty as Dasvan gouges out one of his scarlet eyes. He lobs it to her and she shrieks, almost dropping the eyeball before grabbing it by its stringy optic nerve and holding it at arm’s length from her.

"But Dasvan, how will we know where to find you?”

Her eyes grow wide as she sees him immediately turn away from the already vague pathway and extends her other hand out in an attempt to reach him.

"Dasvan no! It’s—"

He disappears into the forest, knife in hand, not hearing a word she’s said.


She sighs and reluctantly places the crimson eyeball into her knapsack.

"I guess he can take care of himself…?"

Repairing the grimace on her face, she smiles and addresses the willowy portal witch.

"I suppose it isn’t mandatory that you follow me either if you’d rather explore or relax on your own. We could meet back here at this entrance before nightfall if you’d prefer."

She fidgets awkwardly.

"Unless you have an eyeball you’d like to toss to me too?"




still dizzy from his trip he yells ” dem dark elves could restore da life force “

* he wobbles up and pokes us in the nose *
" find dem , then I can resurrect them "
He begins to limp off in a random direction until he falls to the ground “

Eve hurries…

*blinks when poked in nose and looks to Dasvan as he flops back over*

(Monotone) “He’s fine.”

*looks to Eve* “You misunderstand. We can stay as long as we want. I just can’t make another portal until 24 hours passes back to the Manta. I could probably do small distance ones in my line of sight in a little while. What I really mean to say is, don’t make anyone super pissed for 24 hours in case we have to high tail it back to the manta.”

Eve immediately facepalms as her ears droop in embarrassment.

"That’s right! Sorry… My mind must be more boggled than I thought! My apologies Temper."

She laughs, the embarrassment draining from her.

"I’ll do my best not to anger anyone."

She flinches and grits her teeth as Dasvan shouts about dead squirrels.

"And here I thought you wanted to find dead dark elves. A little word of warning, you might want to refrain from yelling. It wouldn’t make for a very good first impression to an elf’s sensitive ears."

She advises as his wailing still rings in her ears and through her own experience.

"Also, it could alert less negotiable forest creatures to our location. And I’d like to avoid having to fight something bloodthirsty and twice my size with only a knife."

They eventually reach the outer edge of the forest, the trees on the fringes extending their boughs as much as possible into the open air of the field. Eve strides apace along the edge until she finds the entrance she didn’t know she was looking for. The branches of two of the tallest  trees on the edge bend to form an organic, albeit rough, archway, denoting the proper entrance to the only marked path through the forest.

Surprise lights up her eyes, as if her feet lead her here without her consent.

"This… must be it."

She places a hand on the ancient bark of one of the gateway trees and substitutes reminiscing with a glazed look in her eyes.

With a shake of her head, she banishes the daze and turns to her traveling companions.

"Whatever happens, no matter what you see or hear, stay on the path. If I remembered more clearly, we wouldn’t need to use it but, just to be safe… The forest just gets more dense and maze-like further in and it’s deceptively simple to become lost, that I do remember. This path should eventually have a fork in it that leads to my old village though.”

Unwittingly, she inhales and exhales deeply, then nods to Temper and Dasvan with a more pleasantly determined look and is the first to enter the emerald labyrinth.